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London is a great city for foodies and has a range of restaurants across the city to meet any dietary requirement, from halal to vegan and kosher too. There are many kosher-friendly restaurants which offer impressive dining experiences in London, so whether you’re looking for a formal meal or just a quick bite to eat, there should be somewhere for any occasion. 

While staying at our kosher hotel- The Pillar in Hendon, you might fancy venturing out to some of the recommended kosher restaurants mentioned here. Read below to find a range of kosher restaurants in and across the UK capital.


1. Delicatessen – Hampstead NW3

Delicatessen is a casual kosher restaurant in Hampstead, situated on the northern end of the Northern Line, that serves delicious Israeli-style dishes. Falafel, shakshuka, and mixed grills are among the most popular items on the menu. 

The service is friendly and attentive, and the atmosphere is casual, in one of the trendiest and most desirable neighbourhoods in North London, with both indoor and outdoor seating options.


2. Tish – Belsize Park NW3

In Belsize Park, Tish is a fine dining restaurant serving meaty kosher food, ranging from smoked short rib, shepherd’s pie and burgers to vegetarian and vegan options such as roasted cauliflower and various salads, on their seasonal menus. 

Tish has a relatively small but very tasty menu, that is based on contemporary Jewish cuisine. It’s a great choice for a special occasion, with a wonderful ambience and a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere.


3. Tony Page at Island Grill – Lancaster Terrace W2

Island Grill is situated near Hyde Park in Central London and offers a Modern European style menu. Owned and run by one of the best kosher caterers in London and the UK, Tony Page, Island Grill can be found in the Royal Lancaster Hotel. This new kosher restaurant serves truffle fries, creamed spinach as sides and delicious cuts of meat. 

It is the ideal setting for a romantic dinner because of its warm and intimate atmosphere and is also frequented by those going for business lunches in Central London and Park Lane.


4. One Ashbourne – Temple Fortune NW11

One Ashbourne is one of the most recent additions to London and the UK’s kosher food scene. The menu at the restaurant is different, with choices like sushi, pasta, and barbecued meats. With Tuesday being their now well-renowned ‘steak night,’ One Ashbourne serves premium cuts of dry-aged meat and a great variety of mains and side dishes.

The setting is casual and comfortable and the restaurant is situated close to transport hubs including Golders Green Station and the North Circular.


5. Kaifeng – Hendon NW4

Kaifeng is a well-established and long-running kosher restaurant, found in Hendon. One of the best-known Kosher Chinese eateries of all time, particularly in the UK, Kaifeng’s menu highlights exemplary Chinese dishes like prepared chicken and beef in black bean sauce. 

With all-you-can-eat buffet options at the restaurant, it is no wonder Kaifeng has been running as long as it has. The service is attentive, and the setting is simple but cosy.


6. Met Su Yan – Golders Green NW11 & Edgware HA8

Met Su Yan is a modern-feeling Japanese-style restaurant with two locations in North London, in Golders Green and Edgware. Met Su Yan was one of the first restaurants in the UK to bring certified kosher sushi to the masses and it continues to do so to this day. Sushi, sashimi, and other popular Japanese dishes like tempura and teriyaki chicken are on the menu. It’s a great place for a date night because of its sleek and contemporary atmosphere.


7. Whitehouse Express – Hendon NW4

Head over to Whitehouse Express in Hendon for a quick bite and genuine and authentic Israeli-style grill food. Shawarma and schnitzel, amongst various other dishes like falafel and gourmet burgers as well as two classic deli-style sandwiches, are available at this popular kosher restaurant. Whitehouse Express offers high-quality street food, with excellent service and an extensive menu. 

The setting is casual and unpretentious, and the staff is helpful and quick. One of the most notable aspects is its proximity to The Pillar Boutique Hotel, just a quick 5-minute walk away.


8. Sushi Haven – Golders Green NW11 & West Hampstead NW6

Sushi Haven is arguably the best place to get kosher sushi in the UK. Situated in Golders Green and West Hampstead, but delivering to all locations across London, Sushi Haven has cornered the ever-growing demand for kosher sushi. Reasonably priced and with an impressively authentic menu, Sushi Haven is only getting more popular with their catering-sized platters and speciality sushi rolls proving very popular options throughout the year. 

Hot dishes, such as teriyaki salmon and Japanese-style chicken dishes, as well as a wide selection of sushi rolls, are on the menu. The vibe is current and sharp and the service is excellent.


9. Novellino – Golders Green NW11 

Novellino is a kosher Italian restaurant serving pizza,  pasta, salads and a wide variety of breakfast and dessert options, making this one of the best milky kosher restaurants in London. Situated just a stone’s throw away from Golders Green Station, this restaurant offers an impressive array of options ranging from large breakfasts to business lunches. 

Novellino is also a popular option when looking for a kosher venue for parties and events in a relaxed setting. The service is warm and friendly, and the atmosphere is cosy.


10. Reubens – Baker Street W1U

Baker Street’s Reubens is a kosher deli-style restaurant and one of the best-known kosher restaurants in the UK. The menu incorporates exemplary Jewish dishes like matzo ball soup, smoked salmon, and salt beet sandwiches, including their famous Reubens Sandwich. If you’re looking for a taste of old-fashioned Jewish deli culture, this is an excellent option because of the traditional and nostalgic atmosphere.


London is an incredible city to investigate kosher cuisine and is amongst the best places in Europe if you are looking for a good variety of kosher food. With different choices to suit all preferences and budgets, ranging from fine dining to quick and easy kosher street food, if you’re looking for great service and delicious food, these top kosher restaurants in London are definitely worth a visit.