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London welcomes everyone with its vibrant culture and rich history, including a flourishing Jewish community and a variety of kosher offerings. This makes it easy to enjoy both old traditions and modern life.

If you’re looking for hotels, restaurants, and fun places to visit that make sure you have a great stay, this guide highlights the best kosher hotels and restaurants in London, ensuring your stay meets both your dietary and cultural needs.

Kosher Restaurants in London

The Kosher food scene in London is just as vibrant as the city itself, with a wide range of options from traditional Jewish dishes to modern twists on classic flavours. Here are some of our recommended Kosher restaurants in London:


Tish is a popular choice for anyone looking for a trendy spot to enjoy traditional and modern Jewish-inspired dishes. The restaurant is beautifully decorated, offering a stylish seating area that suits all kinds of groups, from couples to larger parties. 

It’s known for providing a reliably good dining experience, where every dish is a modern take on tradition. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Jewish meal or something new, Tish is always a good choice for a great time. It’s an ideal place to enjoy a meal in a lovely setting, promising both comfort and style.


At Novellino’s, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.  This restaurant has a strong family feel with a traditional touch on their meals, making everyone feel at home. Novellino’s is especially good at making a variety of different dishes with a fresh take, making it a top pick for those after a meal that’s both comforting and a bit different. It’s the ideal spot for tasty Kosher food that keeps the favourites excited.

Staying in London’s Kosher Hotels

Best Hotels Near Wembley , The Pillar Hotel

When you’re in London and you need a hotel that fits your lifestyle, it’s important to find accommodation that complements it. The Pillar is a luxury boutique hotel in the area of Hendon. This hotel is set within a Victorian building on 2 acres of land in a fantastic location that is close to the tube station connecting you to greater London. 

Guests can enjoy views of the beautifully kept quadrangle garden from their rooms. Additionally, The Pillar Hotel offers a stunning event space, ideal for gatherings and celebrations. Book now and inquire about our rates to secure your comfortable and convenient stay at The Pillar Hotel.

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Exploring Jewish Culture in London

London’s rich Jewish heritage offers a plethora of cultural experiences. Here are some must-visit spots:

The Jewish Museum London

Situated in Camden, the Jewish Museum London is a treasure trove of Jewish history and culture. With captivating exhibitions and events, it offers an immersive journey through the experiences and contributions of London’s Jewish community.

Bevis Marks Synagogue

As the oldest synagogue in the UK, Bevis Marks Synagogue is not just a place of worship but a landmark of London’s Jewish heritage. Explore its grand halls and learn about its rich past on a guided tour.

The Jewish Chronicle Archive

For history enthusiasts, The Jewish Chronicle Archive gives a look into the lives of London’s Jewish community over the years. 

As a kosher-friendly hotel, we understand the importance of providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for all our guests.

Whether you’re observing dietary restrictions or simply seeking a home away from home, we hope to enhance your stay in London. Book your stay at The Pillar Hotel today and experience hospitality at its finest.