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Situated in North London, Finchley is a predominantly residential area of London, with a quieter environment compared to the hustle and bustle of Central London. In the Borough of Barnet, Finchley residents are well positioned in proximity to several woodland areas as well as public transport links into the city. The area has a strong Jewish community, adding a cultural centre to Finchley along with the increasingly mixed residents ranging from young families to older retired professionals. So whether you’re looking to relocate, visit the area, or simply stay in Finchley for a business trip, there is plenty to enjoy in the N2, N3, and N12 area, making it worth the trip. 

Things To Do In Finchley

If you’re planning a visit to the area, you might be wondering what there is to do in Finchley. Well fear not, there are plenty of activities, events, and places of interest that can fill an itinerary in no time. It is worth noting, however, that Finchley does not attract that many tourists so if you are seeking some of the main London sights, it might be worth looking at a more central location.

  • Stephens House & Gardens: A Grade II listed house with an extensive garden landscape, perfect for an afternoon stroll with a cup of tea and biscuits provided with the guided tour.
  • Clown Town Indoor Playcentre: This children’s activity centre is great fun for the kids, with ball pits, climbing apparatus, and more, plus a cafeteria.
  • Hampstead Heath: Just 2.7 miles from Finchley is one of London’s most loved green spaces. Hampstead Heath offers a great view overlooking the city.
  • RAF Museum: Available to visit for free, the Royal Air Force Museum has different exhibits all year round along with an interactive gallery, ideal for kids and adults alike. 

Places To Stay In Finchley

For those on a trip, you won’t be short of hotel and accommodation options near the Finchley area. Depending on whether you’re travelling for business or leisure could impact your choice of hotel as it is important you have all amenities you could need during your stay. The Pillar Hotel in nearby Hendon is a luxury boutique hotel offering a range of room options and a fully kosher menu. If you’re seeking a business hotel then The Pillar’s Executive rooms could be perfect with their dedicated workspace and high-speed Wi-Fi in every room.

Alternatively, if you’re seeking a more affordable option, there is a Travelodge in Finchley which provides a laid-back atmosphere, complimentary Wi-Fi and an on-site restaurant and bar, perfect for both big and small groups. As there are a number of TFL tube stations and bus routes in and around Finchley, you should have no trouble getting around the area no matter where you stay. 

Finchley Fact File

Finchley has attracted both artistic and intellectual professionals over the years, including the likes of Charles Darwin who wrote some of his greatest works in the area. Despite being a residential area, the N2, N3, and N12 postcodes have a rich history which makes them all the more attractive to visitors. Discover more key facts about Finchley below.

  • Margaret Thatcher’s Constituency: Between 1959 and 1992, Finchley was the parliamentary constituency run by the Iron Lady herself.
  • Birthplace Of The Tube Map: A draughtsman named Harry Beck came up with the original version of the Tube map in 1931, a copy of which can be found on the southbound platform of Finchley Central Tube station.
  • Large Jewish Community: Approximately 31% of Finchley residents are said to be Jewish, whereas 28% are Christian.

Is Finchley Worth A Visit?

No matter your reason for visiting Finchley, whether you’re looking to relocate there for work or personal reasons, fancy a wander round a greener part of London, or plan to stay there during a business trip, the area has something to offer all who visit. Ideal for kids and families with a range of attractions throughout Finchley, the area also offers good transport links which can be perfect for professionals seeking a relaxed stay away from the City.